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Sunshine, Flowers & Babies...

My biggest regret when I was pregnant with Luciana, is that I really didn't embrace the pregnancy journey. I didn't feel confident, I didn't soak up my round belly, I struggled with emotional issues, as well as the affects & symptoms of gestational diabetes. I have very few photo's on my iphone that I took myself or that my partner had taken.

Flash forward to post-birth, I immediately missed my baby belly. I missed being one with my baby, for me, it was quite a sad / mourning process that I went through.

I'm sure other mothers will know what I'm talking about...

This time around, although the pregnancy was a HUGE SURPRISE for me, I promised myself & my teeny tiny baby that I would truly embrace the process. I would enjoy each stage, be thankful even for the 'not so fun' parts of pregnancy, and continue to remind myself that there are a lot of ladies around the world who would give anything to experience the pregnancy journey, so I wasn't going to take it for granted (sore back and all).

Almost 7 months along I decided a photoshoot was in store before I felt too uncomfortable, and also provide an opportunity to share with my business clients and followers the exciting news.

My experience this time has been much more peaceful, I have to wonder whether it has to do with my mindset and how I've chosen to view my perspective this time around.

It has also been so important to really involve Luch in the pregnancy, so she feels really connected and aware of how things are going and what is to come. We have worked together on little 'positive birth' plan with diagrams and all, she added elements like *happy* *healthy* *safe* *loved* & *peace & calm* with gorgeous stick figures to accompany, so I will most certainly bring along to the birth with me.

With this shoot, the design I went for was earthy and etherial, but with the pops of colourful fresh gerberas and daisies to signify the happiness that we feel and what I hope is to come!

The shoot location was actually behind my childhood home, and I grew up playing every afternoon down in the bush and the rivers, so it was 'full circle' to come back with one of my babies, and one on the way. Still the same trees, hills and surroundings, still the same peacefulness that was there when I was a child.

Anywho, as you can probably tell I am a complete 'life romantic' and look at most things and scenarios from an emotional perspective. This I would say helps with my business and role as an event stylist, you set out to create a sense of magic and emotion at every event // design.

A heartfelt thankyou to Jaime's Gallery for taking time to once again capture a milestone in our lives. I imagine when I am 80 years young and looking back on all of the images, I'll be even more grateful.


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