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Boho Dreams

A setting inspired by a simple pic of a group of girls lazed under an old Australian Hills Hoist Line.

The idea of backyard ‘girl’s night’ sounded like a dream, especially since gatherings were now allowed in small quantities after 2 months of isolation from the world (including our closest friends).

During this time of isolation our business was halted, we had 100% of our bookings cancelled or postponed. I had to re-evaluate the business direction and quickly. Along with restructuring our services, I made a conscious effort to dedicate energy into building our team culture and skill development.

Ideally a mentoring day was pencilled in and seeing though our intended events were no longer happening, what better way to capture content then with a styled shoot? So, essentially, three achievements in the one ‘Dream’ project;

~ Team bonding, training & mentoring ~ Beautiful Content Shoot by teaming with local vendors Mad About Cupcakes & Jaimes Gallery ~ Inevitably an excuse for a girl’s night (yasss queenies)

Prior to setting up any booking of ours, I will have already detailed the design for the event setting… where, how and why everything is going to be set ahead of time. Our day was focussed around key elements that can really make a booking stand out to the guests & clients.

Positioning of furniture, heights of lighting, quantities of props, delicate threading of flowers, joining of textures and why I do these things, were all topics of discussion for the day.

We used our gorgeous boho props and wooden furniture, paired with a luxe dinner setting, ambient lighting, mesh photobooth area and worked with a dreamy fresh baby’s breath arrangements to steal the show.

Desserts were also lifted to the next level, with Maria from Mad About Cupcakes, spending the entire day perfecting her newest, most delicious product ~ Baked Donuts. These divine Donuts were paired with White Macarons and Oreo Brownies and placed on onto the table setting as well as a three-tier tower, inviting guests visually before speaking to their bellies (Y U M).

Enjoy some more beautiful moments from the Boho Dream and keep scrolling to learn a little more from talented Photographer, Jaime Kaka of Jaime's Gallery.

A little more about our Photographer… Jaime's Gallery. My name is Jaime Kaka. I’m from Hamilton, New Zealand. I started my photography journey at the age of 16. 11 years later, it is still my favourite thing to do besides eating. I remember travelling through New Zealand as a teenager and being surrounded the most beautiful landscapes, wishing I could capture exactly what my eyes saw, that’s when I knew I wanted to become a photographer. Photography to me is like capturing a special moment in life and reliving it over and over every time you view the image. I love living in the outback! We are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, different to what I’m used to that’s for sure. I love the change in scenery, Mount Isa is for me and being able to do work alongside Andii Mihay Events. I looked forward to getting to know more of the history and the locals here in Mount Isa; through landscape, events and portrait photography.

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