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Caring for your Dried Arrangements...

We have recently delved into the realm of Dried Floral Arrangements *cue cute sigh* and along with these darling arrangements, I thought I would send out a few 'caring for your dried arrangement' tips ~ as yes, it is a hell of a lot easier to care for a preserved bunch of flowers, but it also takes some effort as they still are a delicate perishable at the end of the day.

SO! Let's get started;

T I P O N E ~ Keep them out of direct sunlight... so yes they can be in a naturally lit room, but not in a position where the sun is beaming directly onto the arrangement ((especially the Mount Isa sun!)). Our powerful sun can make the flowers brittle and take whatever moisture they may have left from them.

*Over time preserved // dried flowers will still become brittle, like any perishable I suppose*

T I P T W O ~ Don't water them! These babies have already been dried so no longer need water to stay hydrated, it can sometimes cause the stems to get mouldy. If you have a combined fresh & dried arrangements, there will be water initially, but once the fresh flowers have had their time to shine and are looking a little sad, I recommend taking them out of the arrangement and letting the rest of the dried flowers, to dry out again (water will naturally evaporate in time, or pour it out of the vase).

T I P T H R E E ~ Be gentle... Dried flowers will last longer, but they are in fact a little more delicate then a fresh flower. These guys have tediously been preserved, which for some flowers, be quite a meticulous task ((thus the higher price tags)). So we must be gentle with them, to avoid any breakages.

T I P F O U R ~ Choose the ideal 'forever' spot, choose a spot in the home that has great air-flow and won't be getting bumped or touched. I personally try to make our arrangements like a 'feature piece' for the home, so ideally should sit in a perfect spot where they will complement the home / office / shop space.

If we take care of our arrangements we should see a good lifetime out of these posies, I could even go as far as saying years!

Remember to tag or send us any of our arrangements, we love to see them in their new spaces!

Jen xo


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