Country Charm ~ Our Journey with Krystal & Jack

Stunning image of Krystal & Jack by Rabbit and The Bear.


Our journey with Krystal and Jack began in early 2017 when I received a phone call from the then Miss Krystal Stanley. Krystal let me know that Jack and herself were planning their engagement party and estimated around 200 guests attending, in their home town of Boulia, that coming September.


I was hesitant as Boulia is a few hours' drive away from Mount Isa and I had never been, nor viewed the lovely big 'shed' that Krystal spoke so fondly of.


Never the less, anyone who knows me will agree that I like a challenge, so we agreed!


The September engagement party came quickly. We transformed the Boulia Rodeo / Races Shed and guests made their way to celebrate. This would have had to be one of the WINDIEST nights I can remember! Vases were flying off tables, signs falling over ~ but that didn't stop the party!



Almost immediately following the beautiful engagement, Krystal and Jack made contact again and wanted to secure our services ~ this time for their Wedding in LONGREACH 2019!


Two years of meetings and messages; chatting over ideas, pinterest boards and funny family stories, the month of September 2019 had finally arrived! We started prepping for the seven hour trip to, which again, was to a country town I had never been before, but was so excited to meet.

The lead up to our Longreach journey, wasn't without its battles. One of my dear pet's health started ailing and the weeks leading into our trip was spent in and out of the vets and long nights and early mornings comforting her. Booba passed on the Friday afternoon before Krystal and Jack's booking, and on top of that I had another wedding to complete the VERY next day. So, as with all things in life, I had to pick myself up and carry on...


It was here! Time to pack the van and make sure we had not forgotten anything. I scheduled my alarm to wake up at 3am and be on the road by 4am ~ F U C K ~ I slept in! Now it was rush, rush, rush, and we are on the road by 6am, phew!


The road trip consisted of me showing Lisa my many loved music genres, which spanned from Backstreet Boys, 90's dance, country to hard-core gangster rap! (lols).


We arrived in Longreach and made our way to the beautiful Saltbush Retreat, where we stayed in one of the 'Cabin' style apartments, it was cute asf! Definitely recommend staying there if you are ever visiting Longreach.


We didn't stay long; dropped our bags in, the buckets of fresh florals, cranked the aircons and headed straight to the venue! The Stockmans Hall of Fame.


What a stunning venue to work with! Mainly hard wood timber decking, rails and furniture (extra note on the heavy as we had to move those mothers around until I was happy with their placement).


We busily worked on site, then headed back to our 'cabin' (I just like saying cabin) to start the prepping of all the flower arrangements, centrepieces and features for both the ceremony and reception.


Flash forward to 1am... ahhhhh finally finished! This wedding is the most floral arrangements that we had worked on before. Our aim was to make the flowers a stand-out feature for the venue, which boasted so many wood and natural elements, the combo together was darling. I also knew how much flowers meant to Krystal, so it was important to get this right for her.


Wedding day had arrived, and because of my previous mishap of sleeping in the day before (eek) I nervously stayed awake from 4am ~ just in case I missed our 6am start! Thankfully we got to site to catch the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen. A windmill to the left of me and horses, sheep, cows, goats to right ~ bliss.

Set up began! Both ceremony and receptions all came together without a hitch, now to race back to the 'cabins' asap. I can only best describe Lisa and I as looking like sweaty, stinky, dust collectors whose job was to look as unappealing as humanly possible. We showered, dressed and scooted back down to the venue to help co-ordinate the B&G's 'sparkler arrival'. Now this was funny, almost like herding cats! (Although, I reckon I'd be pretty good at that ;). We hadn't taken into consideration that it takes time to light all the guests' sparklers, and that they only last for around 30 seconds! It made for a really funny ice-breaker and heightened the excitement for the bridal party's arrival.



The night following went beautifully, the B&G were both mesmerising and looked so SO HAPPY. You could feel the love, support and pride within the family and friends; it was well and truly humbling to be around.

As with all my Brides I get sad when our journey to their special day ends, but thankfully I have been blessed to continue friendships with my brides and both Jack and Krystal now hold a special place in my heart and memories.

With love,
J xx



























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