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A Country Wedding | Styling Inspiration

Melissa and Keegan, June 16, 2018

A year ago we were contacted by a lovely couple, Melissa and Keegan, to design their country style wedding on a gorgeous local private property. Of course, we jumped on board at the chance!

On occasion we have the Groom’s take a forefront in the planning side, Keegan was definitely one of these Grooms! He attended all of the meetings and had some great input into the design and handmade elements for the special day – thanks Keegan!

Melissa was given the mammoth task of emptying 44 ‘Tally’ Beer bottles and 22 West Coast bottles, for us to use as centrepieces, thank you for your dedication to this task Melissa, hopefully you had some help in doing this! (LOL)

The week of the wedding wasn’t without its challenges, I ended up spending 2 days in hospital with a pretty nasty infection, against better judgment (more specifically the doctors’ orders) I discharged myself, with a note on the discharge papers reading – I have a wedding to do!!!!!

My clients are so important to me, I wasn’t going to allow my personal problems get in the way of a beautiful wedding taking place. I figure I could always go back on the Monday right?!

So slowly and steadily the setting up commenced 2 days out, I made sure to take it easy and to ask for help (if I needed any).

This design included a few ‘key ingredients’ used with the intention to really wow their family and friends.

  • A white base colour palette complimenting the luscious green grass in the yard

  • Elements of hessian, hay and raw wood

  • Pops of bright colours, through fresh gerbera flowers

  • A welcoming ‘flow-through effect’ floor plan

Over 120 guests attended the Wedding Ceremony, witnessing the love and commitment of Melissa and Keegan. They then ventured into the Cocktail / Reception area of the Wedding, where they were greeted to live country music from BULLDUST and the buffet-style catering of GOLDEN ROAST.

Some guests danced through the night until 3 in the morning! It must have been a brilliant night.

Wishing the Bride and Groom many MANY years of love and happiness, thanks again for having us!

Enjoy some stunning Photos from Wedding Photographer Leonie Winks Photography.

Jen x

Design, styling and florals by Andii Mihay Events.

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